When technology is the way to differentiate. When complexity stands in your way. We can help. We serve SMEs, large enterprises, and independent software vendors across a broad range of industries, with specialisations in:
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Take the next step in your career

You’re probably not just looking for a job. You’re seeking growth, learning opportunities and challenges, a place where you can develop professionally and as an individual. Somewhere you can be yourself while feeling valued and respected. We know your uniqueness, experience, and skills are what make you shine! If all this resonates with you, keep reading to find out why you should join Blankfactor.

IT Recruiter

Sofia, Bulgaria

Senior Reporting Specialist

Sofia, Bulgaria

Employer Branding Analyst

Sofia, Bulgaria

Our culture

We are a multicultural, global company with members working from all around the world towards a common goal: building  amazing products and experiences, for our clients, for our colleagues, and for ourselves. We feel encouraged and by diversity, learning from and working with individuals from different backgrounds, talents, and interests – we believe our  differences make us stronger and unique.  

Join us and be part of our team.

The recipe for success

While there may not be a magic formula for success, we share a strong commitment to making the best products out there and wowing our clients. Discover what makes us unique!

We create one-of-a-kind solutions for every project, relying on our teams to work out innovative ways of solving problems, challenging the status quo and delivering excellence.
Our strength is our team. It’s easier to go much further by working together for a common goal.
Inclusion & diversity
Our differences not only make us unique. We have built an expanded vision of what surrounds us by collaborating with different cultures and working styles.
Continuous learning
To grow continuously is to learn continuously. We encourage ourselves to improve day by day. This is why we strive to be up to date with the latest technologies and industry needs.
We love what we do and we are proud of it. Technology is our passion, and we want to make a better world with it by going the extra mile in all our projects.
We are trained to adapt to different situations and realities. We see shifts in projects as opportunities rather than setbacks.