The global technology partner will be joining worldwide leaders of the financial services arena at the largest fintech event in New York City. 

Blankfactor, a technology provider of end-to-end digital transformation solutions for financial services, has announced it’s attending LendIt Fintech next week, May 25-26. The event is set to gather 4000+ of the most renowned leaders in the financial technology space. 

Blankfactor’s Senior Executive Team on site will include the company’s CEO, Michael Wear; GM of Payments, Scott Carcillo; Chief Operating and People Officer, Damian Tanenbaum; and EVP Global Sales, Joseph Aglio.

“As we grow and strengthen our position as leaders in the industry, we love to be where the industry shapes itself. Typical software providers are jacks of all trades but masters of none. And that’s where we fall out of the norm,” shares Blankfactor’s CEO. “We specialize in providing one-of-a-kind solutions almost exclusively for financial services organizations. So events like LendIt Fintech are the perfect place to spend time with the greatest minds in everything surrounding financial technology“, he adds.

The event had a 2-year hiatus due to COVID-19. However, it is returning this year to gather the industry’s major names. LendIt encourages attendees to connect, network, and discuss crucial topics for the industry’s future. Moreover, the agenda includes identifying new revenue channels and proposing solutions to the biggest pain points for fintechs worldwide.