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Whether you’re an experienced data scientist or just taking your first steps into data analytics, Tableau’s powerful platform is your go-to choice for data visualization. Designed to make data exploration easier, Tableau can translate your data and business objectives into a simple, intuitive interface. Foster a data-driven culture in your organization, and use the information around you to implement new ideas, empower your team, and take initiatives to a whole new level.

Creating a data-driven world

Your business’ data journey begins with Tableau. This intuitive platform allows everyone to engage, interact, and create visualizations that foster a data culture within your company.

A platform that
understands you
Tableau uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to translate your queries into the statistical analysis you need.
Reach a deeper
Getting the acumen you need doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated. Come to a profound understanding of your information by easily organizing and transforming it.
An environment
everyone can trust
Make data and dashboards easy for everyone in your organization to access. Tableau creates a secure and trusted space for any teammate to gather insight.

A top-class data visualization tool

Tableau’s simplicity, user-friendliness, and multiple capabilities make it one of the best data visualization tools in the market. With this award-winning business intelligence solution, you can simply drag and drop to produce beautiful dashboards, interactive reports, and sophisticated analyses. Anyone, regardless of their coding experience and knowledge in data analytics, can easily implement great visualizations.

A powerful ally in data analytics

Users have consistently rated Tableau as a strong platform over the years, one capable of handling large datasets in a wink. Ambitious projects are not a challenge for Tableau, as this platform integrates seamlessly with different types of storage software, from Hadoop to NoSQL databases. Avoid the complexity of big data with a highly structured and user-friendly ecosystem.

A community that drives change

Part of what has made Tableau such an effective business intelligence solution is the large supportive community behind it. With over five million visualizations available on Tableau Public and over two million students and instructors around the globe, Tableau offers proactive support to aid you in any of your endeavors.