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Add real-time communication capabilities with WebRTC, a free, open-source project that allows real-time communication (RTC) via APIs. From essential web apps to sophisticated multimedia platforms, developers can build powerful solutions by enabling direct peer-to-peer interaction without the need for plugins or native applications.

At the threshold of WebRTC adoption

When you think of video calling, what’s the first example that comes to mind? WebRTC is the technology behind leading communication and collaboration solutions like Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Discord. WebRTC’s unique value proposition of unifying communications without requiring additional plugins has helped its adoption rates skyrocket.

WebRTC across many industries

Most companies in the broadcasting industry are already working with WebRTC applications. Increasingly, other sectors are incorporating WebRTC into their products and customer solutions. Popular formats include online education and health and wellness services. Real-time communication has never been easier.

WebRTC possibilities? The sky’s the limit

Companies are continuously expanding the creative uses for WebRTC, and the sky’s the limit. As a result, WebRTC is successfully integrating with an ever more comprehensive range of mediums, from web browsers and mobile apps to the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and augmented reality apps that are meant to enhance user experience.

WebRTC use cases

Boost customer satisfaction by leveraging social graph data. Gather and analyze your user data. Study their connections using high-end technology to create tailored experiences.
Make internal and external file data sharing accessible, secure, and seamless. Directly share fully encrypted large data files through a WebRTC data channel.
Increase sales and decrease abandoned “shopping carts”. Help customers through their purchasing process by providing just-in-time support via WebRTC audio or video channels.
WebRTC instantly connects customers to agents, assisting with ATMs, vending machines, smart bus stops, and IoT devices.
Improve your existing communication channels by incorporating multi-user video conferencing into your native apps and other offerings.
Rethink the possibilities
of mobile devices
Reimagine your next conference app as something more than a scheduling app and transform your mobile device into an individual microphone.

Embedded in all significant tech trends

Current trends show an increased use in WebRTC among large-scale applications, with a significant focus on web apps. NodeJS and Javascript are among the top tech stacks being leveraged in this space.

It is expected that there will be

500 billion connected devices by 2030.

Looking ahead

The world is ever-more patched together by mobile and embedded technology. Keep ahead of the curve by continually innovating upon embedded communications. The future of WebRTC is the necessary framework for such continued, high-quality innovation.