Maāhris Restoration brings heritage to life

Devoted to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Preserve the remarkable history and tradition .

Maāhris Restoration brings heritage to life. Devoted to detail and expert craftsmanship, we uncover a property’s original splendor while moderating its environmental footprint. Our goal is to preserve the remarkable history and tradition contained in every project.

Our Roots

Maāhris Restoration is a partner in sustainable design, architecture, and construction because these are our roots. By taking pride in our work, we enhance the beauty of the community so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.





The design process is inclusive and collaborative. We work to reinforce the integrity of the structure while bringing it into harmony with its surroundings. All work is done in careful, considered consultation with the community as well as being respectful of local guidelines and traditions.

Maāhris specializes in clarity and simplicity, reflecting our commitment to the modern Mediterranean form. Sustainable restoration will nourish this investment.



Our initial series of projects are based on the historic island of Gozo, Malta which has been inhabited since the Neolithic. As centuries passed, many different societies have called the island home.

From the Ggantija temples built by a race of giants, to the palazzos and structures constructed by Sicilians, Phonecians, Knights, and Normans, traces of ancient inspiration abound. All embraced by the sparkling Mediterranean sea.