Aleksandra Chudzyńska


Holistic Personal Trainer (Aleksandra Chudzyńska) has been teaching for over 18 years how to take care of your physical and mental health. The fascination with human nature and the passion to improve people’s quality of life resulted in a multidimensional approach to working with those under their care. She built her coaching experience on her own sports experiences that fill her life. She gained her knowledge and experience and regularly updates it at international trainers, taking part in workshops, training sessions and fairs. He specializes in personal training, is a licensed BODYART instructor and an ICF coach. As a result, in addition to the physical training of the body of its pupils, it takes into account the current life situation from the mental and emotional side, eating style, stress level, regeneration methods and sleep quality, as well as energy and emotional management. Its main goal of working with pupils is to develop an individual model of activities for each of them, improving the quality of life and health, with specific time and energy resources.

Sergiusz Wojciechowski


Personal trainer, motor skills preparation coach. He supports individual professional athletes and amateurs, as well as sport teams in developing their physical potential. He specializes in programming and realization of their long term performance goals.

Kasia Malińska


Kasia, a travel, yoga and mindfulness lover. She started her meditation journay back in Australia, her second home and country of nature and slow life idea. She completed Vipassana meditation and retreat courses. She teaches meditation for begginers, mindfulness and Anapana meditation. Her mission is to show that meditation does not have to be boring and that discovering yourself can become the most fascinating journey of each of us.