About us

Built for local, everyday needs

Prontomás was created to leverage both our long history in the payments industry and our local knowledge and presence across Latin America.

We were able to develop proprietary technology, strong partnerships and unparalleled customer service. This way, we make sure that gateway design, implementation and services become an advantage and not something you need to worry about.

Our story

Discover who we are

Our objective is to make payments simple throughout
Latin America. Why?

We are from Latin America and have built companies here. We understand the payments landscape: from the small merchant all the way to multi-regional brands. We want to help our clients grow revenue by giving up control of their payment experience or resorting to complicated processes.

Prontomás, our end-to-end platform, helps enterprise brands grow their revenue, expand to new markets, and seamlessly accept payments of all types.

Our team has worked together since 2016 and now has offices throughout Latin American and development offices throughout the world. If your brand is looking to expand to new markets in Latin America or already a multi-regional brand, we are here to help you. Our understanding of the current situation concerning payment acquiring deregulation will provide the industry insight you require.

Our philosophy

What define us

Forward looking
We are constantly thinking about the future: understanding the market, its deregulation, and what this means for the industry.
Local knowledge
We need team members across multiple markets. Having experts throughout LATAM is what makes us unique.
We like to simplify the complex. We need people who want to do the heavy lifting for our clients and work hard to make partners and merchants’ life easier.

Wherever you’re doing business, we’re there with you

Get the most out of each transaction with local payment processing wherever you do business. You’ll benefit from the in-house knowledge you need for card payments in your market, and the markets you’re growing into. We’re your local guides to the payment world as we’re the acquirer, and own the acquiring licenses with the card schemes.

+30B in transaction volume annually
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We’re looking for people who embrace innovation, want to do excellent things, and enjoy bad puns. Contact us if you want to hear about our positions, perks, or some of those puns.