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Rethinking payments

We’re an end-to-end platform created to integrate the payments landscape in Latin America. By focusing on seamless payment acceptance of all types, we help enterprises grow.


What is Prontomás?

In Latin America, merchants have struggled in finding an available solution to provide cost-effective, integrated multinational payments processing. This has remained an unsolved piece of the LATAM puzzle.

Prontomás is our solution: a one-stop payments gateway that will allow acquirers to offer merchants a seamless payments experience. We’re a multi-regional payment platform enabling acceptance of all major forms of payment.

Single point of engagement
We integrate the many points of engagement in the payment processing cycle, creating one layer for both merchants and customers.
Unified commerce
Prontomás provides an omnichannel solution to handle payments in-store, online or mobile on one platform.
Seamless data analysis
Our platform creates a singular database for merchants to analyze transaction data.
Future proof payments
We allow for revenue generation via open integration with new business models, transaction types, and payment methods.
Payment gateway

How does it work?

Our gateway handles online and traditional brick and mortar retailers
alike. We connect online and in-person payments to our gateway.

Online and in-app payments

Accept cards, mobile wallets and more on any digital channel or device. Every checkout is fully optimized and geared for more conversions.

Seamless, easy integration

Integrate with us. We’ll handle the rest. We’ve partnered with top providers to make sure you get world-class quality service.

Increased efficiency, better ROI

Improved processing and integrations make transactions faster and more secure so that you focus on your strategy.

“Regional and global brands that have a LATAM presence are demanding more transparent MDR pricing models and greater control of their customer & payment experiences. As a payment system integrator, we have become the preferred partner to ensure our clients’ payment ecosystem is competitive and also driving net new revenue.”

Preston Clark
Preston Clark


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