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Big bank investments are leading a new wave of disruption

The future of banking is powered by banking institutions’ commitment to innovative excellence. But how to manage the increasing demand for new projects, people, and expert insight?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), virtual reality (VR), blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all part of the tech that’s bringing fintech and banking to entirely new levels.

of heritage financial services firms will go out of business by 2030. Nontraditional players gain greater market share, using technology to change the economics and business models of the industry.
- Gartner
A shift has taken place, and fintechs are gaining more momentum. +45% of personal loans are originating through fintechs.
- UPenn
“The threats posed by FinTechs have the ability to disrupt four categories of incumbents’ business – market share, margins, information security/privacy and customer churn – at higher rates when compared to other financial sectors.”
- PwC

How is disruption happening, exactly?

Partnerships that secure top-notch experts worldwide are needed for the latest tech innovation.

Banks need digital transformations that engage customers innovatively. Real-time and easy-to-use customized products are urgent for competitiveness.  

New infrastructure, new state-of-the-art services, apps, and platforms is how fintech can wow and captivate users in ways they’ve never seen.

It’s time experienced nearshore partners collaborate with the latest tech developments that have been taking the fintech industry to a whole new level. 

We’re breaking down how to keep up, allocate budgets, and exceed at meeting set goals.  

Find your perfect fintech partner now.

Fintech is everywhere. And it keeps changing by the minute.

One in every three millennials of a 1.8 billion pool worldwide are changing banks every three months.

Clients are after their true desired experience; demanding flexibility as much as agile services.

63% of customers are more willing to try digital payment platforms today instead of cash and analog services.

Take the lead in payment processing

Powerfully pushing payment processing limits opens fintech gates to true innovating tech implementation. Funds are moving worldwide in an instant with multi-channel, customer-oriented experiences.

Make a difference with best-in-class products

Streamlining operations and going beyond cutting-edge tech development to mass scaling of a loyal customer body is part of building top of the line customized applications and services. 

Competitive banks need to start customizing digital research to generate unique user experiences. Exceed client search needs in ways of the utmost relevance to financial consumers!

Scaling to next-level performance in banking is driven by the latest fintech trends.

  • of fintech companies face a digital skills shortage.
  • of banks are already engaging in joint partnerships with FinTech companies.

Is your company part of either of these statistics?

With in-house talent or nearshore outsourcing as your options, there are significant variables at stake. To make up your mind, consider your company’s needs, and rely on trusted advisors to help you get there.

Are you in?

Adapting to digital trends needs to happen as early as possible.

Big banks need to move from product-based models to customer-based models, finding the right blend of acquisitions, partnerships, and investments that “open doors for banks to get exclusive rights to advanced technology.”

The next step in fintech disruption is to leverage the latest tech trends to address customers’ changing needs. 

It’s long been time to come up with forward-thinking solutions to drive our tech-driven times to new heights!

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