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Combine customer relationship management (CRM), workflow, credit analysis, enterprise content management, and many more capabilities into a single cloud-based end-to-end that provides leaders and bank employers incredible insight. With nCino Bank Operating System, your institution can drive revenue growth, improve customer relationships, and create a competitive advantage.

A seamless banking experience

Founded by a team of bankers in 2011, nCino builds upon the Salesforce platform to allow financial institutions to streamline their needs. Our world-class talent will guide you through the nCino Bank Operating System to increase profitability, efficiency, and transparency.

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regulation, sorted
Effectively manage the ins-and-outs of financial regulation and comply with region-wide policies through a single, centralized record system.
A holistic view of
your institution
Create compelling reports that help your institution clearly visualize its standing on a wide range of topics, from customer relationships to cross-department insight.
Entering the world
of automation
Remove all those monotonous tasks by harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms. Create automated processes that improve all processes within your institution.

Protect your institution

Say goodbye to data silos. nCino allows your institution to operate with great transparency across all business lines, helping mitigate risk in any solution. With the help of this tool, our team of experts will help you make safe financial decisions.

Store everything in the cloud

nCino has created a digital environment where bankers and customers can interact through a cloud-based platform. Avoid costly and time-consuming systems — store information that can be accessed at any time and in any place.

The simplicity you need

The number of systems and technologies available at this moment can seem overwhelming. However, nCino helps your institution consolidate different banking systems into a single platform. Bankers and users can make the best out of a single, intuitive software interface that won’t disrupt any banking system.